Bridgeview Vineyard & Winery


Abount Bridgeview Vineyard & Winery:

At Bridgeview Vineyards and Winery we are very passionate about our work, growing grapes,
making wine, working with family and of course drinking great wine. When we planted our first
grapes in 1982 our vision was clear, work hard to produce an outstanding quality product that we
can be proud of. Having been ‘Pioneers in the Oregon Wine Industry’ we have over 30 years of
experience in cultivating and crafting our wines. Together as a family we work hard to uphold
and expand our vision and consistently produce award winning wines. Founders Bob and Lelo
Kerivan preside as President and Secretary of the Company and Lelo’s son Rene serves as Vice
President and Winemaker.


Bridgeview Chardonnay
Bridgeview Gewurztraminer
Bridgeview Merlot
Bridgeview Pinot Noir

‘Blue Moon’ Riesling
‘Blue Moon’ Sweet Riesling

‘Black Beuty’ Pinot Noir